Stepper Motor Pulley

How hard or easy is it to remove the pulley from the stepper motor. I noticed that one of the pulley is not seated all the way on the stepper motor. And the pulley and belt are rubbing.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be fully-seated — it needs to be positioned so that the belt will run true/straight — does it?

Here are pictures of each side.

It is that way on my Pro XXL as well. They are inline with the belt.

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I was looking online for a reference and I found that the belt is straight/center to the pulley.

The reason for me asking the questions is cause I’m having issues with my shapeoko 4 XXL vibrating after a couple of uses. I don’t know what else to do. Everything else looks fine. The belt and pulley never looked correct with me.

If other shapeoko 4 owner can post pictures of there machine showing where the belt sits on the pulley, it will be a lot of help.

This picture is from Carbide website.

looks fine… push y axis from front to back and make sure belt travels within the pulley groves and double check the set screws . put a couple witness marks on pulley to monitor slippage. To move pully I use a screwdriver to wedge out and tap to move in. Easy