Stepper Motor shaft broke again!

Where can I get replacement Y stepper motors for the SP4 XXL. I don’t see them available on the website. This is the 3rd, soon to be 4th broken stepper motor shaft in less than 1.5 yrs. NO, THE BELT ISN"T TOO TIGHT!! I had Will look at it on a video conference the last time the motor shaft broke. IMO there’s too much mass with the XXL gantry when doing work that has a bunch of stop and start motion and the shafts keep breaking. so, is there a better replacement for the Shapeoko motor and is it plug and play?

Not sure what is happening to your motors but in the last 5 years of being on the forum I dont recall anyone having a broken stepper motor shaft. Since you have had multiple failures of the same component it would seem particular to you. No one likes to hear that but if it were a common failure I would have seen it on the forum. That is not to say that some have not broken but I cannot recall anyone having this problem.

Talk to for a replacement under warranty or if out of warranty to buy a new one.

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Not true. There have been a few reports on this forum of stepper motor shafts breaking.

It may seem to be unique to me, which i don’t believe to be accurate, but i believe it has more to do with the type of work done. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb by saying a majority of users do larger, broader cuts than what I do. I believe the issue is in the stepper shaft being torqued by the mass of the gantry when the cutter makes an abrupt change in direction. I cut a lot of geometric shapes that are about .5" per side which translates into a crap ton of direction changes. Here is an idea of some of what I do.


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