Still needs stain but it just finished, Semper Fi

All pockets are .035 deep w/ .031 EM, 1/8 engraving tool .020 deep.


That is terrific, instills pride, thank you, Jude

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Fantastic. Is the image you used for this your own design or is it available somewhere as a .svg? If its yours would you be willing to share?

That is awesome Randy! Semper Fi!

Thank you, Always a pleasure.

A .svg file i created from some clip art, then modified it in Fusion 360, took some thing away and added in some areas.
i could send you the G code.

Thank you Scott, always a pleasure.

It looks great, good job. I would also be interested in the G code, I would love to make one for my son.

Gcode is fine, but I would like the .SVG as well if you don’t mind.

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USMC Engrave (31.3 KB)

Here are both the gCodes and the sag file, hope this helps.


I used a .0313 4 fl EM, and a .125 90 degree chamfer tool for the engraving.
It rune about 2 hours, give or take. X Y bottom left corner, Z top of the wood.

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