Still Waiting for my Nomad

Still waiting for my new Nomad… it’s been over a month :frowning: So much for the two week lead time, eh? Still hasn’t shipped :frowning:

Heck, I thought you were using it already.
I hate to hear it. That’s nerve wracking.

Sure could have used the second machine today… doing a super-rush two color die… oh well

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Sorry for the delay James. If you send us a support email, we can try to find out when it’ll ship.

We had a couple of vendors (metal finishing and anodizing in particular) that didn’t deliver for weeks so we got further behind. We’ve tried a number of anodizing companies and none of them seem to be able to cope with the number of parts that we send to them. I suspect we’ll look at powder coating in the future because we have zero trouble with that on the Shapeoko parts.


Well, that explains the problem. I know all too well about unreliable or overloaded vendors. I am currently waiting for a $15,000 compressor system, and one of their vendors is also behind.

I think the days of “just in time” manufacturing are coming to a close. personally, for my business, I maintain a stock of all my products. The past will become the future!


Funny how things cycle back around :slight_smile:

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Yeah, too bad the bad stuff comes back around too…

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I’ve been waiting for 6 weeks my Nomad pro :frowning:

Just 6 hours after i’ve ordered my Nomad, i’ve joined the forum and the first post was this one :(((

Have you been in touch with them?

They are great people and a fantastic company dont worry yourself @GeorgeM

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The supplier issues have been unfortunate, but as @robgrz noted, are being worked out, and alternatives are being pursued.

My suggestion would be to use this period of time to get everything else lined up:

There’s a lot here, and other resources include the Shapeoko wiki (linked to from above), and a Trello site:

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to post them here, or to

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Yep, got in touch with them, and the reply was: "…it should take 3 to 4 weeks…"
And yes, another reason joining the Carbide team was the good feedback i’ve got when questioning about customer service support. I’ll thrust they’ll do their best to provide us with the best products. Cheers.

//George M.

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Yes, they will take good care of us. They didn’t have to tell us why there was a delay, but they did, because they are honest, and truly care about their customers.

We just have to be patient :smiley:


Sorry about that, just realised i’ve answered instead of La2017 to one of your questions…

Thanks for all your suggestions WillAdams; i do have allot of projects queuing as i’ve just put aside a DYI Desktop CNC recently(85% done) but due to some set backs on it’s build integrity and some issues with the stepper drivers(along with the fact that my living-room was a complete mess for over 4 months, that being it’s birth place) i’ve decided to go with this great product i’ve been constantly chasing… hopping when the time comes i’ll use the Nomad to make the much needed key parts for my DYI one(hopping to cut mild steel in the end). As per your suggestions:

  • CAD wise… i’m a design engineer in automotive industry for about 8 years now, using mainly CATIA V5;
  • CAM wise… i would say i’m very rusty, mainly used it in my Uni years(CATIA V5 as well); but very keen to try Carbide’s solution…

//George M.


You’re going to love the simplicity. You should check out the Gallery and see all the amazing things people here have made with their Nomads and Shapeoko machines!

Class A automobile prototypes for 10 years… but all manual machining :slight_smile:

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Okay, well you’re well-ahead of the game and pretty much all set then — and I’m sure many folks here will envy you the Catia license.

MeshCAM, esp. in its Nomad-specific mode is as easy as CAM gets.

So, my last suggestion is, source some stock material, prep it, and work out the last details of workholding — in particular, if you got the threaded table might want to lay in a stock of M6 plastic bolts — anyone know of a source of M6 plastic all thread? I’d love to have some for making up some workholding options.

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About 78 inches of all thread for $108 is kind of steep… are you sure you can’t use regular metric shcs?

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For that price, yes I can.

Thanks though!

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