Stl Converted to PNG issues

I used the STL Conversion and created the PNG. I used the screen shots in the post here and it looked great. I did the rough pass and it left a flat top on the wood but i figured the finish pass would curve it out…but the finish pass is cutting the the edges as it should but then it is cutting above the material by 3/4 of a inch. My material started out at 1.125 inches thick, i assumed it was thick enough. but why is it cutting above the material height. Should i have set zero someplace else besides the top of the material?

ok so lets figure this out.

did you use the online STL->PNG converter on my github?

the weakness of that is that the height of cut is a bit flux, so maybe can I ask you to run it through
(after you set up your stock dimensions)

that will print out the size of the design that is 1:1:1 aspect ratio

also if the STL is sort of publicly available I’d be happy to poke at it as well

I did the conversion on your web site link you gave me on the other thread…When i did the show 3d in Carbide create it looks correct. My stock is actuall 1.500 thick and i set the stock in CC to 1.125. the 3d rough pass didnt do many layers as i had anticipated but i kinda figured the finsh3d pass would round it more and it didnt. If you look on the Shapeoko unofficail facebook i put a little video. I really cant share the file but i would send you the file and the png. Also i had set my stock to 12X12.

so a lot of people get success with this, so clearly something is going wrong obviously

I know you can’t share the png or stl, but could you replace the png in your c2d file with a png you can share (even if you just make it in paint with a bit of white and a bit of black) and share that c2d file?

the thing that seem to go wrong the most is the 3d model in CC somehow be out of whack with the depth of the stock…

Santa1.c2d (246.3 KB)
here is my CC file

looking at it; something is clearly not going right just haven’t figured out what yet

it really looks like the 3D model is much higher than your stock is, so CC does weird things as a result

I think i figured it out…i went back and re-did the CC file and i know have a good looking 3d rendering and i do believe it will work now…I will run it tomorrow and let you know…Here is my new CC file.
Santa_new.c2d (246.2 KB)

Also thank you for the quick response.

that looks much more sane in the simulation.

Ok some tricks: Grab camotics. It’s awesome to preview gcode files. (it’s open source and free). Also I suggest learning about … it shows a different view than camotics (more the paths not the model)

if you ever get an STL that is beyond CC’s capabilities, can convert STL to gcode directly… benefit is that its simpler, downside is that you can’t combine it with other design elements in CC…


Well i ran it today and it is much better, I still dont have the aspect ratio correct as the nose still has a flat spot but i ran it through both roughing and finishing. I had to run a second finishing pass and drop the bit down about 40 thousands to get it to smooth the rest…but over all it looks good thanks for your help. Is there any chance they are going to make CC able to read STL’s natively?

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