Stl Converted to PNG Questions

Ok so when you add a square or what ever and add the model/import the png, why cant you add more imports so you can fill a board up? or what am i doing wrong.

I’ve done designs with more than one STL element in it… it’s not insane complicated just needs multiple 3D model stacks

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When i go to add another import it drops the current one allready there.

hexagon2.c2d (1.2 MB)

maybe an example helps?

Switch to the beta (514 - as of this post), he fixed some bugs in this area. I recently finished a heavily 3d modeled project and the beta was a big improvement for me.

If you want to stick with the official version. When importing a 3D model, watch what object you have selected in the designer. If you are importing more than one model to the same object, click off the object and back on between imports. If that doesn’t work try saving the file after each import… I have experienced the same thing you are, and got around it by trying a bunch of different things (can’t remember which one worked).

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