STL High Quality Files

I was on router forums and found a link to a site that sells high quality STL files.

I looked the site over and the prices are from about $10.00 to $30.00. I thought they had some interesting stuff. Check it out and see what you think. At the very least it is food for thought while whiling away the hours at home.


The reprap folks have a list at:

and we’ve been trying to keep one at:

If anyone has any other suggestions for resources will gladly add them.


What I don’t know about 3D carving won’t fit in this thread, but I’ve always wondered about parts that obviously look like they would be better carved in 2D (and I have done that! :smiley: )

Here’s an STL file containing those “2D” parts in a 3D container. Does the 3D process not even consider the “2D” looking parts? In other words, is it just more efficient to do the “2D” stuff in 3D rather than separate those “2D” parts out into “2D” toolpaths?



a proper 2D path will for sure be quicker, and likely look better (with a fine ballnose you get a good approximation, but … if something is a good for for a simple 2D toolpath that’s hard to beat)

in fact in the CAM side you most likely either end up manually putting some contour-like things in, or your CAM does that for you


so in CC Pro you can easily do both… do the eagle’s head with a 3D path and overlay normal 2D paths for the rest.

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Just looking at this particular item, I would tend to do two separate items: 1) the 2D flag with a blocked outline of the base of the eagle and 2) the eagle in 3D.

Then I would glue them together for the final piece.

Does that sound like a more efficient workflow?

ADDED: But that means I would somehow have to separate the 2D and 3D parts of that STL file.

so in CC PRO you can put basic design geometry around where you want to do 3D carving… and do 2D carving as usual…

it’s certainly possible and doable, I just don’t know how common it is for people to do that; I suspect many 3D carves are not of this type (when I do geography it for sure isn’t)

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I am their customer since September and I’m very satisfied with their work. The prices are more than fair for the quality they provide.Recommend!

if you want some free ones to play with:

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