STL won't import

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just started with Carbide Create Pro. I’ve been using Easel with success, both within the program and exporting g-code to run on my fox alien. No issues. Now I want to get into 3d carving and having a whole bunch of issues.

I did watch a video from 3 year ago about making a spoon and literally wasted my time as when I exported the g-code it didn’t work (different issue for a later date)

Now I watched a video Amazing 3D Art with CNC - YouTube and for some reason the stl file which is only 3.2mb in size will not import. I don’t even get the parameters tab that pops up.

Any help would be appreciated.


Post post the file, or a link to it, or e-mail it in to and we’ll do our best to look into it with you.

I have been struggling with the same issue. I had been exporting my STL’s as Ascii’s and they have not been showing up. I switched to “Binary” format and got at least one to import and show up.

I’m now struggling trying to figure out how to generate the tool path established with the “Binary” format STL. So it’s still a work in progress.

I have been 3D printing STL’s exported in Ascii for at least a decade both on my own printers or outside 3D printing contractors. So…

Thanks for your help. I tried one thing that resolved my issue quickly. I downloaded a copy of FreeCam and re-saved the file and it now works. Not sure if it is an issue with Ascii or binary formats.

Thanks Again,


I’m pretty sure ASCII format STLs don’t import and that one has to convert such to binary format.