Stock thickness

Hey guys,
Couple of questions:

  1. I have been reading about setting z to the wasteboard but not really understanding it- If I set z to the top of the wasteboard -then what? I like the idea of it always knowing where the top of the wasteboard is What about the top of the stock? Also what is the difference between setting the stock thickness from top of stock to bottom. I have read a bunch of posts out here,but really dont understand how can you set the z to the top of the wasteboard but then still have it start cutting at the top of the stock? I have been having problems with depth issues being not consistent since day one. Did all the checks ,everything seems to be right.
    I was playing around with tricking the program by over / under adjusting the stock thickness and DOC, and was curious — will the machine only cut to the stock thickness indicated or can you actually make it cut deeper by telling DOC deeper than stated thickness?
    I did find out one reason for one of the jobs -and my mill was slipping -getting pushed back up into the spindle,wonder if that’s the problem all the way around?
    One experiment I did was on .750 thickness set to cut to bottom of stock and it came up short , then tried .5 material and it was spot on. ? Using CC 433

Please see:

If you set the origin on the bottom rather than the top, certain toolpaths won’t preview / be calculated correctly in Carbide Create, and you have to have the stock thickness set accurately.

If you’ll post the files you’re having trouble with and notes on the specifics of your difficulty we’ll do our best to help.

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