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I was running a file on the machine in air to set up a profile and needed to stop the motion so I could jog.
I hit the stop button while the machine was moving in the y axis and it did a REAL HARD stop.
Gave me an error message about coordinates are probably lost. I just reinitialized the machine to be safe.

My question, is the stop button supposed to work that way?

In case I missed it, is there a way to set the profile so I can set the work piece correctly? I always just run the profile in air by setting the zero for Z way high.

In Motion there is a pause button that will retract the Z, and shut off the router.

I never use the power button to stop. So to answer your question, I would expect since power is bleeding off you might get a loud stop

Missed your other question. Can you expand on that?

Most of the time when I run a job the x&y position start is zero which is front left.
When the job starts there is no way to tell if it will fit inside the wood. I usually put in a profile around the part and I run the profile in air to get the wood centered.

This probably wouldn’t be a motion feature although since I don’t use cc it would be a nice addition. Not a software guy so probably won’t be easy to program. See my extents and give me an outline.

I use lightburn for my laser engraver and they have a function called frame which gives you the extents and shows you where your job will engrave.

Thanks, Pete

I mount my part on the bed. Since I have squared everything I measure off the Y rail or Both Y rails and the front of the machine to square my part. All you want to do is make sure it is in the cut area of your machine and squared.

Most of my parts are zeroed to the bottom left of the part (done in Create). After loading the file in Motion there are two methods to tell your machine where to start.

One: If Bottom left is the zero point like I do, you can Jog the bit to the bottom left, eye ball the intersection point. Jog the bit down to the part (speed can be increased or decreased while jogging) Place a piece of paper on the part, move it as the bit is coming down. You want the paper to have a bit of resistance when the bit touches. Set Zero. Tell your job to run

Two: Bit Zero. Place the Bit Zero on the part. There are currently two types as well as other manufactures that supply them. Check out the manufactures instructions. I have Ver 2 Carbide Create. Place it over in my case lower left corner. Bring bit to the hole , lower bit, hook up wire, tell Motion to probe. Run your job

There are You Tube videos that are great to learn from

This is an excellent tool to reference.

Like I said YouTube is your best friend at the start.

Post questions here, we will chime in

Good Luck

Measure the stock before cutting, or even before designing. Then you’ll know if it will fit.
Set your extents in Lightburn to the same size as the stock.
Set your zero to the front left corner of your stock.
Now you know it will fit. You don’t need to run a profile.

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