Straight Plunge, Drill Mill or Boring?

I have been cutting MDF spoilboards with hundreds of 3/8" holes, using a #46292 upcut 3 flute 1/8" and a Boring toolpath. Taking a long time, like 30+ seconds a hole and making the machine work hard with tiny circular motions… Looking at alternatives, finding CNC Drill Bits and Straight Plunge Bits.

Anyone have advice or experience using these methods?

For Aluminium I’ve been using a relatively small drill (e.g. 4mm) to start off and then a boring operation to bring it to the final size. This way the endmill doesn’t have to plunge at all.

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I was not considering using a straight plunge bit for aluminum, though the cnc drill bit is supposed to be able to. There is no application for wood on this chart though…
S&F for cnc drill bit

Yeah, a quick Google shows few results for CNC drills for wood. My guess would be to use the feeds and speeds for plastics.

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Thank you Lucas, Just ordered one of each. I will see how it goes, and post results.

Would love to see a short video on that - it could really improve my workflow

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