Strange malfuction of the bitsetter splitter board

Hi 'yall,

I’m facing the strangest issue with the bitsetter splitter PCB. I’ve sent an email to support, but I’m curious if any of you fine minds can come up with how this thing is malfunctioning.

Long story short, the bitsetter connector on the PCB board doesn’t seem to work. If I plug the bitsetter into the bitzero connector, everything works fine. The same thing if I plug the bitsetter into the RESERVED connector on my 2.4e controller board. But anything going into the bitsetter connector (be it the bitsetter or the bitzero), won’t trigger the controller board.
The thing is that regardless of what I put into the bitsetter connector, there is 5V coming out (i.e the bitzero red LED lights up when I depress the button), but the grbl pin is not closed.

This is simply a case of a broken PCB signal lead, right? Yeah, I thought so too, but I have measured continuity between all the pins on both connectors to the end that goes into the controller board. I’m scratching my head trying to figure out HOW the PCB board can behave this way, as there is (as far as I can see) no active electronics on the board itself? Can anyone help figuring this out?

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