Streamdeck for Carbide Motion?

I’ve found some old threads regarding it, but all from early winter 2020.

Has there been any work/progress on anything with Streamdeck Saw some stuff that looks awesome but sounds like it’s unreleased.

The problem, as I understand it, is that the work done on the Stream Deck made use of the hybrid architecture which CM v4 had, where there was a back-end which actually communicated w/ the machine, and a front-end which afforded the graphical interface.

CM5 does not implement that back-end, so there doesn’t seem to be anything to communicate w/.

I guess one of the Open-source applications could be re-worked to allow this sort of functionality, or of course, one could just run CM on a Raspberry Pi w/ a touch screen.

Ahh gotcha. I do run it on a Pi, so close comparison although the Streamdeck would allow for more customization of things :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was excited about the idea of a Stream Deck, then I knocked the (inexpensive) gamepad I use as a pendant off my work surface and rethought the idea.

It would really cool, but I’d like for a pendant to be a bit more rugged.

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