Stronger z spring source?

Looking for suggestions on specific sourcing for stronger z springs from those of you that have upgraded to heavier spindles.
Any links or part numbers you can share?

I can send you a couple of the springs I have if you like? shipping might take a week or so mind?

2 Likes has a huge selection of springs (as well as everything else) with the basic specs you need to make a good choice.


Alright, as they say; sometimes the simplest solution is the best. I had an extra set of the stock springs, cut three lengths off them and so far, so good!
They’re a bit tight at the bottom of the travel, but other wise the droop and spring are close to the original with the lighter spindle.


I’ve been too lazy to adjust mine but the ideal setup would be just enough spring force to prevent the z motor from skipping steps when it raises. That would allow max force pushing down which is where you need it.

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I’ve heard that neutral is best? I can see either one being correct. I suppose lifting up should encounter no resistance beyond the weight of the motor…

Well, since the spring force increases as it gets stretched, you need enough spring tension too keep the motor from skipping steps at the top of the stroke. That may turn out to be close to neutral at the center of the stroke. I haven’t done any testing to see.

There is a spring type that applies a constant force vs. an increasing force as it gets stretched. That would be a better option for this application but probably not worth the hassle of redesigning to make one fit.