Struggling with half tone

Hi, I was able to convert an image into half tone svg format but couldn’t execute it on my Shapeoko XXL (Inkscape and Illustrator). After several weekends of searching for a solution online, from what I understand, I may need to download some kind of software. I tried one from but didn’t work on my mac. Can somebody point me in the right direction so I can get this amazing portrait printed? Million thanks!!

PS I’ll post my progress on here too.

The community lists software for this at: and

On a Mac your best bet is one of the opensource programs, but you may have to dig into the commandline to get it working.

If you convert the pixel image into a halftone first, you should be able to use F-Engrave to cut it:

A vector image (SVG) halftone is going to be comprised of a great many paths and may be problematic to cut — if you could post an image here we could perhaps advise better — another search term to look up is lithophane.

the halftone program is my favorite! I also use macs but if you do a google search and install windows 10 (for free) on either a boot camp partition or using parallels desktop (the best option but cost after trial) it will run fine . Using parallels you can run vectric or any windows program in the OS X environment. Here are some i did with Jason’s program halftoner.


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