Stub/short shank 0.250 End mills

Has anyone has tried 1/4” stub/short shank end mills on the Nomad? 1/4” end mills with 2.5” overall length seem to have chatter limitations in the Nomad - just wondering if anyone tried 2” or even 1.5” stub end mills. Any improvement?

Yes, I really like the stub length, but obviously you need to be sure to have enough reach for what you’re doing.


I’ve received some really long 60mm endmills and I’m considering cutting the shank to make them just enough length for my parts.

I’ll try cutting the carbide with a jeweller’s saw and diamond wire blade and see if that’s work.

Easiest thing is to just put them in a vise, notch them with a file or hacksaw, then break off with a pair of pliers, then file smooth (carbide is brittle and all too easily broken)

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Have to admit I am tempted to do this as well. With a Nomad collet depth of 1”, I would rather like to find a 1/4” endmill with an overall length of 1.5”, flute length 1/2” allowing me to work many of the situations I come across normally with minimum stickout but that combination seems to be exceptionally rare. Have a 2” OAL 1/4” 3FL end mill on order - will see how that helps.

I was idly pondering today given the way the spjndle is gripped at its end on the Nomad if the spindle itself starts to become something of a tuning fork…

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