Successful spindle upgrade of Nomad Pro?

A perusal of the search lists on this topic have revealed several attempts to upgrade the anemic stock spindle to a more powerful aftermarket version.

However, I have not seen any which I would say are definitively successful.

I realize that the Nomad 3 attempts to address this, and is a turnkey solution albeit a pricey one. I could justify the cost if there were other improvements such as a larger workspace but I already own the Nomad Pro and would prefer to upgrade it instead. I love the precision of the machine but the lack of spindle power is a serious handicap which causes machining run times to be far lomger than they otherwise have to be to avoid stalling the cutter in the middle of an hours-long job.

Has anyone had anything like success in putting a more powerful spindle in place?

What are the barriers to replacing the stock spindle with a more powerful spindle, other than geometry?

What is the possibility of manual control of a new spindle while leaving the stock spindle electronics in place?

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Did you look at this one by @Vince.Fab ?

That kind of conversion is exactly what I am looking for.

Perhaps @Vince.Fab could add details to the original construction thread? Curious if there ever was a product produced?

I am mechanically adept enough that the modification part doesn’t intimidate me, but the electrical and software integration is far beyond my understanding. Those are the kinds of details I am looking for and what I mean when I say a definitive solution to the spindle upgrade problem.

This here was my attempt at it from a slightly less software involved side. I made no changes to the software but you would need to be aware of your endstop limits doing it this way when doing your cam.

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What causes it to limit the cutting volume? Reduced Y axis due to how much further it extends out from the original center?

Or was the Z axis also affected?

Perhaps it is possible to move the table forward by the same distance to regain lost Y axis travel?

Was deflection due to additional weight a problem?

How did you control the speed of the router? Just manually turning on and off?

Your modification is closer to what I am looking for.

Basically I need something with the accuracy of the Nomad but the power of the Shapeoko.

It limits the z and y axis, it would technically be possible to move the y out but way more effort then its worth, at that amount of work its better to build a custom machine based around a print nc mini. Deflection has not been an issue. Ive been manually turning it on after it probes tools.

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