Suckit Dust Boot and X axis limit switch

Just received my SuckIt dust boot today, and was going to install it in the next couple days but if there are issues with CM4 limits then I may have to wait.

Is there any reason the rapid positions are not settable? In a past life, I was an embedded firmware guy and would do everything in my power to have all settings adjustable. I didn’t like to hard code any setting if at all possible.

As long as you avoid the left/western rapid positions CM4/GRBL1.1 I’m certain is in a very usable state… Carbide would not have released it otherwise for the masses.

As a software and electrical designer, I understand the double-edged sword nature of more adjustability vs. simplification with fewer adjustments. Like you @slukas, I always strive to make everything adjustable while at the same time make things almost brainless, or what I like to describe as “buy and fly”.

I’ve had a number of head-scratching “missing feature” moments using the CM/CC suite which I’ve documented in the software suggestion thread that would really improve the workflow and UX, but I digress.

The more users running CM4/GRBL1.1 the better.
I’m in no hurry to upgrade.

ok, after some goofing around with soft limits I can reproduce what’s going on with Dan’s set up. Carbide Motion 407 (what I’m currently using) was working properly. When you first set up $130=800, you did not have soft limits turned on ($20=1, required for using soft limits [$130 through $132]).

Once you turned on soft limits with the command $20=1 at the MDI screen, the command took. When you do a rapid position to NW for example, CM sends [G53X-820.000Y-10.000Z-5.000F6000.0] to the controller telling it to go to [home]-820, which is outside of your $130=800 giving you the error (Jog target is greater than home-800 [your limit], CM trying to go to home-820).

So really, any rapid command from CM that goes all the way west will go to an X of [home]-820. So you will need to keep your $130>=820 to 850 and $131>=780 to 850 (SW rapid sends G53X-820.000Y-780.000Z-5.000F6000.0) if you want all rapid positions to work.

Hope that makes sense…

I suppose that means that the rapid positions need a setting to define the position we want them to travel when clicked (or dynamically generated based on machine size/soft limit

Something like a percentage of the limits…yeah that would make sense.

You can set that in CM3, as far as I can tell CM4 doesn’t care what the Grbl limits are, as far as I can tell they’re hard coded.


+1 on this. I’ve been running my machine(s) very close to its theoretical limits, and not being able to eke out every last millimeter is a minor frustration.

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