Suckit Oops Clamps

I won a set of the new Oops clamps from the folks who brought us the Suckit Dust Shoe. Tonight I finally remembered to take some pics and thought I’d share. They are well made, and very low profile. The hold well. I see on the website they are selling T-nuts for them. I just used my holes with threaded inserts, but I may have to order more of these along with the T-nuts. The last picture shows how they compare in size and height to the two sizes of Rocker clamps I was using.

The 4 clamp set I won is $25 on their website, so a little less than the Rockler or similar, but much more low profile.


I won a set myself and got the T-track version. I don’t have any pictures handy, but they work great! The cool thing is the bolts and “nuts” for the T-track are 1/4-20 threads so I can use my existing hardware. The back parts are M6 I believe and the folks at Suckit sent a nice assortment of bolts. The clearance under the boot is great and they clamp pretty secure for being hand tight, although I lost one project due to it moving, but that was my fault for using too few clamps for the material/bit/depth being cut. My biggest beef with using a dust boot has always been trying to get everything to clear the clamps without wasting a ton of material, but with these you can get right under the boot. It’s a great kit and the folks at Suckit are great to deal with.



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