Suckit Pro Plates and CCR

None of the plates work with the carbide compact router. The collet nut hits the 1" plate. I massaged the hole a little bigger then found that, the little quick press button for changing endmills hit both the 1" and 2" plate.

I don’t have the router in front of me, but looking at the pictures on the website, it looks like that part can’t be removed? I’d have to design a custom “plate” or not use one and not benefit from them.

The plate you’re referring to is the clear piece that goes inside the dust boot? If so, that is removable - there are 3 small screws that hold it in place. Mine got broken shortly after I installed it and have just been running without it. Even so, dust collection is excellent. And I do have the Carbide Compact Router

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I have the Carbide router and suckit pro. No issues. Works great!

Yes, the clear shield inside. I did remove it. I am bummed because the inclusion of the shield is one of the things that sold me on the design. I might look into cutting out a little notch in it.

I’ll try to take pictures later.

You can 3d print or mill new spacers to move the arms more towards the front of the machine. I made my spacers 7mm for my hose mount


I see you have your router turned the opposite way of mine. It looks like that probably allows the lock button for changing the end mill to sit in the back inside the slot. Not sure why I didn’t think of that.

Turning the router and either a little more space in the spacer or a trim of it will probably solve this issue.

Thanks for the picture.

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