Suckit vac hose

I just ordered a Suckit dust boot for my XXL and was wondering what hose you all are using for it. I plan on running the hose up to the ceiling from the vac and hanging down with enough slack to allow for full travel. What size is the hose connector on the Suckit?

I did a search and most of the threads seem to be older, so I thought maybe there was something newer out there.


The suckit I bought a year or so ago for my XXL (and HDZ) is a 2.5" hose connection. I bought some 2.5" flex hose with a steel coil and grounded it to my machine frame and it keeps the static discharge disconnects down to zero. And these handy finger adjustable clamps are nice as well.

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I have the same hose and clamps that MadHatter posted. It’s nice and light weight.

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I use this hose going into my enclosure.

Works nice because it folds and extends nicely. Just another choice for you.

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