Suddenly Errors Popping Up

I’ve had my Nomad883 in the same configuration for months. Now, in the past week, I’ve started getting
GRBL Error: Serial Port: Unknown Error
GRBL Error: device Not Found

Current attempts to correct the problem are:

Make sure all USB connections are clean and contacting well.
Make sure there are no other power cords near the USB cord.
Restarted the controlling computer to make sure the USB ports are detecting properly.

I will be running with the above to see if the problem pops up again.

Also note: I have a second Nomad883 right next to the first, and it has not stopped at all. The USB cord is routed the same way as my older Nomad. I suspect something is going wrong with my older Nomad, or the computer I am using to run it.

I will update as things progress.

Hmmmm it just did it again. Unknown Error.

My next idea is to try operating the Nomad from my new computer.

I have adjusted my power settings. Apparently, windows 7 has a option to shut down the usb ports. I have disabled that feature. Let’s see if I get a disconnect again…

So far so good… if that was the issue… I’d call that a pretty good /facepalm moment. If anyone needs to know how to disable the “USB selective suspend” feature, I have instructions for both windows 7 and windows 10

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Dang, it just stopped again… I need to check my USB connections inside the computer case. It stopped when I bumped my desk… that’s kind of a clue, I’m thinking!

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Make sure that USB connections / connectors are firm and solidly connected and will not be bumped (I like to put a weight on each loose end before connecting).

I think the USB connection to the motherboard was the issue. The machine ran all through the night with no disconnects :slight_smile:

I hope seeing the thought process of troubleshooting the machine helps someone when they read this thread

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I have fixed the chips building up on the circuit board… I have added filters to the usb cables…

This morning, the random disconnects have happened again.

Anyone have any other ideas?