Suddenly the 4 Pro won't stay on

I’m not optimistic that this will be an easy community fix but thought I would try. Worse possible moment for this. I took a break today and turned off my Shapeoko (4 pro). When I came back, when I push the power button in there’s a brief response from the motor and then it shuts right back off. Like half a second from when I release the button. I checked all connections and can’t find anything. My only guess is a short in the Z motor or something like that? There is power to everything because as long as I hold the button in, the machine hums. And of course I was in the final stage of my project.

Any ideas? Shapeoko support is probably next.


Yes, please let us know about this at

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Maybe a bad switch?
Obviously contact support, but if you have any experience with electronics I’d check the switch.

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