Suggestion for best Vbit

Sure, can do (as a onetime thing to help a Shapeoko bro).
I’ll PM you.

btw one interesting place to look is ebay, the seller “Drillman1” (OLIVER TOOL COMPANY | eBay Stores) has a very wide range of bits and is US based


Excellent suggestion, those look very similar to mine and roughly the same price:


I bought several sets of 10 of the 1/8" diameter V endmills made by Kyocera from Drillman1 — the quality and price is of course excellent (and they come w/ pre-installed depth ring collars and in nifty cases which hold 10 endmills) — they’re esp. well-suited to making the cutout for the splines in the blind miter hidden spline joinery technique I worked up: Blind Miter & Hidden Spline - Design into 3D

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@WillAdams I just looked at your spline technique. Took me a hot minute to get my 3D glasses on but That is soooo cool! :+1: :+1:

Thanks! Please let me know if you cut a design using that technique or need assistance making files to do so.

I was quite pleased that it worked out so well — I’m working up a couple of similar techniques which I hope will be improvements now — hopefully at least one of them will pan out.

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