Suggestion: include 6mm pins with the low-profile vise

After buying some 6mm pins for measuring runout, I discovered that the previously unknown holes at the far end of the Nomad vise matched 6mm holes on the Nomad bed, and that 6mm pins can be used to precisely align the vise.

This would have made my life so much easier if I’d known it earlier. These pins don’t cost much (~50c around here), perhaps you could include them with the vise?


I got a bag of (10) 6mm stainless steel pins from McMaster for $7.88.

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I got them locally too. I know they’re easy to buy and cheap but when you’re new to machining and you see two unexplained holes in the vise, you don’t think to yourself “those are clearly 6mm holes for locating pins, I should go buy some”, you think “I wonder what those are for” and move on.

Given they’re so cheap and make the vise so much better, I think it just makes sense to include them with the vise.

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There is a video on youtube about improving the vise. When trying to get decent clamping pressure the jaws will move, and if you are using the fixed jaw as your Y reference your zero has moved. Easy enough to CNC some additional dowel pin holes.



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