Suggestions Cutting Cork?

Has anybody cut out shapes from cork sheet?
I’ve got some .125" sheet I’m going to cut to a custom shape for some coaster bottoms and would love to hear if there are any tricks. I was planning to hold it down with the painters-tape-and-super-glue trick (which has been AMAZING so far in other workholding)


This is something I kept meaning to look into also. I was debating if I wanted to try this on my shapeoko or Cricut cutter.

I am guessing a drag knife cutter in the shapeoko might work the best, especially if it is adhesive backed cork.

Circling back on this;

I just finished cutting the inserts for a set of coasters from some ~.1" cork sheet. I took each sheet and covered the back with some blue painters tape and pressed it down, then put it on a wasteboard tape-side down and stapled the perimeter. I ran a .11" 2 flute downcut endmill, taking .02" passes @ 50IPM with the spindle going at just about 20k.

It cut very well doing this, I stopped right in the tape layer so everything stayed put pretty well. Finished each one with some light touches with a 220g sanding block. All in, very successful. I’ll get some pictures posted shortly.

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Very nice Adam and valuable information, thanks.

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