Suggestions on inlay

I carved a car and would like advise on how to create inlay. I will make text separately. On car should I create area around inlay with deeper pocket than oval?


So by doing a .5 offset outside and then pocketing between them to .4 do you think this will work for the male inlay. The inlay depth is .2". I would trim off just inside the outer edge of the offset for insertion of the inlay. The issue is the oval around the car is .2" and in the example in the solution there is no boarder around the coffee cup. Trying out how to get the negative instead of another female socket.

I suppose what I got was the male inlay instead of the female pocket because of the oval around the car.

Epoxy fill with a metallic sheen the same color as her car?

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Thanks @neilferreri . That was what I was thinking. However this was cut on a piece of good cherry plywood and some of the fine peaks broke off. So I have decided to go another way and go another image and will just vcarve with a 15 degree vee bit. I will vee carve into a piece of oak. Hopefully the oak being harder it will not chip off.

I will prime with dewaxed shellac and paint the outline black. I will paint the lettering the red color the car is. I also found the R/T logo and converted that to an svg and that will be painted Red for the R, black for the / and Red again for the T.

If the plywood one did not have the broken lines I would have epoxy filled it with Red Transtint dye colored.

Fun Fun Fun. Vrrrrooom!!!


Here are the results so far. I will post the final picture when finished. I would like to take this with me tomorrow to Houston. We are having a family Christmas party and this is for my Cousin Deborah. She is quite proud of her hot rod Charger. She just redid her garage and put down flooring, painted everything and made it a nice show place. So I wanted to make this as a wall hanger.

This is Zinnser Universal Sanding Sealer, AKA Dewaxed Shellac, I used an acid brush to get down into the text and the lines of the car. This helps keep the acrylic paint from soaking into the grain of the oak. After applying it to the text and car I also put it all over the face of the project. This aids in the clean up of the over painting the next day.

Since this is a rush job (my fault) I will use Watco Natural Danish Oil. The finish looks good on oak and it dries fast. I can get two coats on today and wrap it up tomorrow morning before I leave. Well at least that is the plan. Sometimes plans do not always go like you want but I will try. If something goes wrong I will mail it to her in time for Christmas.

Santa is always busy this time of year in my shop.


Here is the final product. Got it done and is wrapped with a bow.

With the Watco Danish Oil finish.

Many images you get on the internet turn out to not be suitable for the cnc. This one worked out ok by using a 15 degree vee bit for the car and a 60 Degree Groovee Jenny for the rest of the text. I made a small mistake when transcribing the material width and height and had it an inch too big in both directions. If you look right next to the rear bumper you will some lines. As soon as it started carving I stopped because the image was not supposed to be that close to the edge. If asked I will just say it is the wind behind the car. I corrected the CC file and thought I had aligned the 2020 text with the R/T but I guess I missed it. It looks ok but originally I had them aligned. When you resize a material on a project I wish the positioning would stay aligned. I had the car centered in the material and the text lined up with each other and centered. I guess I just did not notice the mistake but that is how the cookie crumbles. I think it is acceptable. Being only human mistakes are made and usually corrected.

The paint is acrylic brushed on and the excess sanded off. The car took 2 hours to carve because of the detail in the image. I had to put two coats of the Magenta and Red but the black only took one coat. The font is Dodger and is the official Dodge font for their Charger. I also found the R/T logo online and is the official logo.

Since this was a rush I got two coats of Watco Natural Danish Oil on it. The Danish Oil makes the oak feel silky smooth. When in a hurry the Danish Oil is quick and petty much mistake proof.

This was a new can of Danish Oil and when taking the lid off the white plastic over cover that is the child proof version came off. I hate those type of lids that you have to push down to open. I dont have any young children to protect against poisoning and I am glad the over cover came off. The Danish Oil always gets on the lid and dries making extracting the lid hard to get off. Now I can just take channel lock pliers and remove the lid without any hassle. I have tried wiping off the lid but it always seems to be glued on.

I put two key holes on the back to hang it with and included two hollow wall hangers with screws. I vcarved the spacing of 8 inches between the key holes.


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