SUP hanger modification project

Hi, I just installed and tested a Stand Up Paddle board storage system modification. I added a hanger to each end. This cleared up a bunch of space below the board, the board was a bit of a head banger using the straps and weird double hook hardware originally provided. So I designed the hangers so that the two pivots were far apart , allowing the board to hang horizontally (rail to rail). This design maxes out the width of my Shapeoko XXL.


Great application for mountain bikes too. Very nice

Hmmm… would you hold them by the handle bars? I’d like to know what you mean but am not quite there yet. Btw, I used 19mm thick plywood (birch maybe? They were made from scrap pieces). If you want the Fusion360 file I could share it with you.

Maybe upside down by attaching to the wheels. That was my initial thought after looking at your SUP hookup. Often there is so much space in a workshop/garage/etc. that is not used, so rigs like the one you’ve made

Also In a shop the area close to the ceiling is a good place to collect dust and spider webs.

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