Super Cool Retro Signage

These came out really nice.


used scrap material that’s why there are some holes in the backs of some of the letters.
PVC and Krylon.

very cool looks like comic strip writing i like it

The step-down in the letters adds dimension, 3D effect, nice. Was your choice of depth random or planned? I guess what I’m asking there is did you try different depths to judge effect?

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I’ve been in the sign industry for a very long time. I’ve been making signs to fill my office wall since we are all on lockdown. I remember doing a job a long time ago with the face of the letters inset so I thought I’d give it a try.

It really does add another level of detail.

My next project will be to use 1" thick PVC and route out the face of the letters like I did here, just deeper, maybe 3/4" of an inch and install light bulbs in the pocket.

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What’s a “light bulb”? :smiley:

Your signage makes me fussy that I can’t get out to get some material! +1