Super SLLOOOWWW Cabide motion file

I am still trying to make my first project. I finally was able to convert the image to SVG. After I mapped the toolpaths, it seems that the whole project will take over 4 hours. That doesn’t seem right, or does it?
I attached the logo and the carbide create file. I think I may be using the wrong tool selection on the toolpath. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

hallow.c2d (2.1 MB)

The toolpaths FLAG, EAGLE OUTLINE and EAGLE INSIDE are very deep for a 30 deg. The PATH and OUTLINE paths calls for .500", but the bit only has .440" cutting depth to work with.

If you want a line “that wide”, you’d be way better off using a fatter bit and not going as deep, say a 60 deg and about 1/3 as deep. A fatter bit will also have a way better DOC, so it all goes way faster.

A 30 deg would normally be used to V Carve very fine details, for example a very small piece of text.


Your tool for those paths also is not a 30° vee. It looks more like a 0.015 end mill.
With an actual 30° vee the FLAG path looks like this

Add a real 30° Vee tool to your library & use it for the contour paths. I’d suggest 0.020 - 0.030 depth.

This will get your time down to about 30 minutes for the whole job


You guys are awesome!!! I corrected what you guys told me and now the job takes only 25 minutes. I Definitely have ALOT to learn!

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For me, realizing the proper depth of the cut and which bit to use was the biggest challenge. Lots of firewood for the beer and cigar nights! :sweat_smile:

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Nice project, can’t wait to see the finished product. It looks like you need to select the center for the D in BRIGADE for the “Words inside Circle” operation. The simulations show that D as a large hole without the center island.


Hopefully you guys get to see this, I don’t want to make a new post for this question. I was doing the final tunning of the file and somehow the letters EA in the “Eagle Brigade” are not showing up. It doesnt matter what I try (with my limited knowledge), they just dont show. Can someone help me with this.
I attached the file below
flag2.c2d (812 KB)

  • Select the outside portions of the E and the A

  • on the left, find the 'Join Vectors" tool.

  • It took running it twice to convert to a closed vector

  • Now add the closed E A curve to your toolpath.
    flag2.c2d (812 KB)


Thank you so much!!!

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