Support for dust collection hose Shapeoko 3

Hi All,

Finally came up with a workable solution to guide and hold the vacuum hose on my router. Used a piece of 1/2" EMT conduit with a couple of bends that rests inside a piece of 1" square 1/8" wall tubing. The bottom of the tube is closed off.
The hose hangers were made with 1/2" UHMW and have a 1/4-20 set screw to lock them in place on the EMT. The EMT is free to pivot with the motion of the router movements. So far it is working good with no strain on the “Z” axis.
Ready to start a project !



I like your “vac boom”! I was considering rigid-to-flexible marriages, but now I’m having a new appreciation for continuous hose. Thanks for posting and looking forward to projects!

p.s. tell us about your mounting bracketry? It reminds me of blue PLA.

Hi Jim,
The tube has a couple of tabs welded to the side with holes for mounting to the router table. Overall length is 16" with a plug welded in the bottom end. I did several mock ups and decided this worked best. Nothing more than design as you go strategy. :smile: The EMT is free to pivot in the tube. Does this help ? Reply if you need more info.

Thanks for the view !

I like your idea, it’s great but it seems to have something that needs to be more stable

I made everything free to pivot so it follows the movement of all three axis so as not to restrict movement.
The setup follows along without any binding or strain and keeps the vacuum hose from pulling on the router.
My first attempt was putting a load on the movement so I ended up with this setup. So far works great.
Thanks for the reply !