Support proportional values in Max Depth for tool paths


Just a recommendation that I think others would enjoy.
I have recently crate a double sided project where I used 1/2 the material depth to create a Snowflake and on the reverse side using the other 1/2 of the material I carved Depth from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch. This required my to update the material setting and then go through all the tool paths to update them to half of the 3/4 inch materials.

The “Newbie” DougMan

If you are running v7 I think you can do that with the t/2. When creating the pocket you have your start depth say at zero. Then in max depth enter “t/2”. That will use your stock depth and divide it by two and give you half the thickness of your material. So using this variable you must be exact with your stock thickness or you might get an onion skin between the two halves.

Edit: Removed v6 per Will Adams. I am on CC v724 Beta and have lost track of just how many versions of v7 I have been on.

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As @gdon_2003 noted, this is added in the v7 beta:


  • (NEW) Expression evaluator in dimension entry boxes. Hit “=” after the expression to calculate.
  • (NEW) Expression evaluator can reference bottom of stock as variable “t”.

and note that if you don’t evaluate using “=”, then one can leave the expression in place and it will be dynamically calculated as the Stock Thickness is changed.

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