Surface go 2 and Carbide create

Recently upgraded from my old hp laptop to a Surface Go 2 with Windows 10 .
I am having issues on carbide create I can access the top drop down menu but I can’t use any of the drawing functions settings or tool path settings . I can click on them but nothing happens .

Any help would be great !


Are you using touch for these or a stylus?

Does it work with a mouse or touchpad?

Let us know the specifics at

Ive had some issues with Surface Pro and buttons as well, mostly due to how the screen sits. If the window would resize to fit instead of adding scroll bars, that would be super. What helped was using keyboard commands or the tab button to navigate when I was stuck with things.

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Works with the stylus I just got but not by touch screen (finger). Waiting on a USB C adapter to try by mouse.


Mouse works stylus works . Touch screen by finger does not work still ?
not the end of the world but would be a nice function .

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