Surfacing hybrid table?

hi all. thanks in advance and sorry for the questions. I was wondering if I should have surface my hybrid table ? I’ve notice a few times the projects weren’t cut evenly in all areas
I started to surface the hybrid table by jogging with the spindle on , but then stopped after the 3rd stepover I guess I got nervous. and also wanted to do it with a program in stead of sitting there with my laptop holding down arrows…
I have a bitzerov2. best way to zero in the type of project with this ? I’ve never zeroed without a bitzero

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I created a file for my table. I run it often due to our wet Washington weather. Am including it here if you want it. Adjust for your dimensions. I zero with paper.

flat.c2d (6.2 KB)



You should periodically surface your spoilboard to get it and keep it flat with respect to your router / spindle. As Michael says, having the machine do it is a lot easier :wink:

You’ll slowly mess up the surface of the MDF and periodically need to re-surface it, after a while it will get thin and you’ll probably want to replace all the MDF strips with new ones. Consider the MDF to be a consumable like tools on the machine.


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