Surfacing tool path

Any chance Carbide will add a surfacing tool path with support popular Amana surfacing bits?

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I doubt that we’ll support any endmills which we don’t sell — if there’s a sort of endmill which you would like to use which we don’t stock, let us know at and mention the specifics of what you wish to do with it and how (and esp. mention if it wants a Toolpath option which is not present in Carbide Create) and we’ll see what the powers that be decide based on folks making such requests.

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hmm I;ve always just used a pocket toolpath for surfacing…
what would be different in your mind for this ?

(although next time I’m very tempted to try the engraving toolpath)


A couple of times I’ve drawn up back and forth toolpaths trying to minimize toolmarks:


that’s what the engraving toolpath does though :wink:


Would that be in Fusion 360, or have I missed something?

There is a new Engraving Toolpath option in Carbide Create Pro build 527 and later:


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For an example file, see:

surface_slat_pro_xxl_origin_front_left_0_001mm.c2d (12.2 KB)