Surfacing with endgrain

as requested on support…

Given a file:

which one wants to use to create a toolpath for surfacing, the difficulty of course is that some of the geometry is closed (indicated by being black), not open (magenta):

The geometry may be either re-created using Trim Vectors (which would require drawing in additional geometry), or Node Edited so as to open it up:

Zooming in:


Cut Vector:

Select the nodes:


Delete Nodes:

A further concern is things don’t quite line up:

(this will be addressed presently)

Repeat at the other end to arrive at:


Select two lines to get the extent along Y:

and check the dimensions of the semi-circles:

Probably the best thing to do is to use the smaller part, so just drag everything into alignment:

Then select enough of the open geometry to make one element:

and Join Vectors:


Since it will be easier if things line up at grid intersections Scale:


Drag things into alignment, delete the unneeded line:

Then use the Linear Array tool to make as many copies as are needed:

(with zero spacing)


Node edit to clean up the hook at the end: