Surfacing XXL Hybrid Table

This is a totally newbie question. So I have tried to read through others posts regarding surfacing the XXL hybrid table and have a few questions.

Disclaimers…I understand surfacing the hybrid table will leave “lips” on outer edges and I’m ok with that…for now. I am just trying to get basics understanding down. Using 1.25" surfacing bit. Having trouble understanding how set zero to proper location so I don’t crash machine when working at the edge extremes.

The Pro XXL work area is x axis 870 x y axis 850 correct?

So I created a square in those dimensions in CC, and generated a pocket toolpath. Do I set toolpath zero to use the center, and rapid position to “C” and zero axis’s out and start?

If I use lower left, how do I find extreme lower left limit of machine when jogging?

I still am trying to understand and learn what the machine work dimensions are vs machine travel dimensions.

Pro XXL Surfacing.c2d (8.3 KB)


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ah thank you Will. You also just answered another post about bit setter issues and not getting enough forward travel when selecting proper machine in setup. Easy fix now LOL.