SVG Export Not Matching CC view

I am having an issue with CC SVG Export.

Take these files for the C3D Corner & Fence:

C3D File example

Export them to SVG (to integrate into other designs) Once exported, in the SVG the hole locations do not match the layout in CC. And if your re-import them to CC, they are still incorrect.

SVG Export issue

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I had the same issue.

The way I finally set up the fence was make the work area the size you want, put the corner guide in place, make the short fence file twice with the fence in its position and just set zero for the corner and cut your grooves and holes from that referenced point. Takes roughly six minutes.

Test before you commit to it. Made from the F360 file.
c3d edge
Main pocket is 0.5mm deep, counterbore is another 1.5mm deep.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I suspect it’s an older version file.

I’ve entered it into our bug tracking system.

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