.SVG file not displaying in Carbide Create

(Ed Martin) #1

I dug through the forums and I am guessing that several other people have had the same problem but I’m gonna ask anyway. I’ve created a file in Adobe Illustrator that has been saved as a .SVG file (its a coaster with some text and an image. I’ve then imported it into Carbide Create but am unable to see anything…there is no graphic image. What have I done wrong.


Ed M.


(William Adams) #2

Carbide Create can’t import an image as part of an SVG, only as a pixel image to place on the background to redraw — see: https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/Carbide_Create_Photo_Tracing

When importing SVGs:

View in outline mode (View | Display Mode | Outline in Inkscape) to see what Carbide Create will import — only path geometry drawn with narrow black lines will be imported.

  • no overlapping or intersecting geometry (if possible — overlapping geometry is often discarded)
    no pixel images
  • some files will work more reliably when winding direction is correct (outermost path is counterclockwise, next is clockwise and alternate as needed)
  • complex structures can interfere with import — ungroup down to just paths, joining them all into a composite path will help with the above
  • some programs don’t provide a size, specifying 100% for dimensions — please edit them to specify dimensions (SVG is just XML) or open in Inkscape and resave

(Ed Martin) #3

Thanks Will, I’ll see if I can get it figured out tomorrow. I was hoping to avoid Inkscape.


(William Adams) #4

If you’re using Illustrator, no need for Inkscape — just use the equivalent commands / concepts.


(Scott Conant) #5

One thing I noticed when I was making SVG for import, is make sure your scale is appropriate for you finished work. I had made an SVG in fractions of millimeters and imported real tiny. Another instance where I wasn’t paying attention, I had the scale in feet and it imported so large I didn’t see it unless i zoomed way out.

Not saying that’s your problem, but it’s my 2¢… :wink:

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(Ed Martin) #6

Hey everyone. I haven’t had a chance to get back into Illustrator and CC to try out the suggestions…been a busy few days and yesterday I had to make a run to my wood vendor. I’ll see what happens later this weekend and see if your suggestions work!

Thanks again for the feedback,

Ed M.