SVG files with Layers import to CC

The feature request is to include the SVG layers on import.

I am using InkScape for designs. A have a single SVG file with multiple Layers.
Each Layer was generated using different Trace techniques, which will get different tools.

When I import the SVG the layers do not come across to CC.
CC will not allow you to import multiple SVG files into a single CC model.

I have to create multiple SVG and CC files in order to make this work.
This means changes may effect multiple files.

If the SVG extents on a given layer are different, CC moves the SVG contents which make re-alignment tough. I add the same extents box to all files in InkScape so CC handles them the same.

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Do you mean all at once? Because otherwise, you can import as many SVGs as you want.


The open dialog allows a single SVG. I must have missed a separate import option. Hmmm.

Keeping Layers would still be nice.

Use the “Import External File” command to bring in additional files (works for DXFs or SVGs).

I just found it, I was assuming image file types. Thanks !

To separate by Layer i would pre-make the Layers on CC.
Activate a Layer and import, repeat. Got it.

I will still have to make an extents box in InkScape so the merged SVG are located correctly relative to each other…

So what I am looking for can be done by procedure, but I am sticking to the request for CC honor SVG layers.

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