Svg import does nothing

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This is really basic BUT, I was trying to import a line drawing from illustrator to .svg then to CC and CC does nothing when I try to open the SVG. Shows “0” elements , “0” size
Also, I guess there is no real free-form tracing feature in CC, is there?
any help appreciated.

(William Adams) #2

Please post the problem file here, or send it in to — the guidelines are:

  • outline mode (View | Display Mode | Outline in Inkscape) to see what Carbide Create will import — only path geometry drawn with narrow black lines will be imported.
  • no overlapping or intersecting geometry (if possible — overlapping geometry is often discarded)
  • no pixel images
  • some files will work more reliably when winding direction is correct (outermost path is counterclockwise, next is clockwise and alternate as needed)
  • complex structures can interfere with import — ungroup down to just paths, joining them all into a composite path will help with the above
  • some programs don’t provide a size, specifying 100% for dimensions — please edit them to specify dimensions (SVG is just XML) or open in Inkscape and resave

For tracing, it’s entirely manual, see:

(F B) #3

It’s not supported by c3d, but I find using easel for this is quick and easy as long as you don’t need more than 2 tools.

(Michael Ryan) #4

I am getting svg files from illustrator that open in CC BUT they are all double lined so v carving doesn’t work. They don’t look like that when I see them in illustrator.

(William Adams) #5

Please view them in Outline mode in Illustrator after expanding all effects.

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