Swedish Chef bottle opener

My first project I’ve posted…

My sister has always liked the Swedish Chef from the Muppets. Chef tattoos, personalized license plates, all that stuff. She recently mentioned she wanted a bottle opener with a magnet to catch the caps. She had seen them at the local farmer’s market. Way over priced chunk of scrap wood with an opener and a magnet. She asked if I could make one.

This is what I came up with. Not an action shot so don’t get the full effect. Real magnet behind the drawn one. I found someone online that does impressions and did a recording for me at a very reasonable price. It does the Swedish Chef gibberish and “drinka da beer” There is a spring and dowel behind the opener that presses a button on the audio player recessed into the backside.


Surely the beer tastes better after being cracked open by your creation!

Any chance I could get a little more insight on the design?
I’d love to make one of these, and would be willing to compensate you for the use of the voiceover as well.