Sweepy 2.0 80mm is here

By request (maybe my own) we have now rolled out the same changes to sweepy 80 as the rest of the sweepy 2.0 range.

It can be found here



Very nice!!! I guess I put in my order for the HDZ Pro and 80mm 2 hours too soon as I would have added this to the order to avoid add on shipping costs… LOL! @WillAdams or @Julien any suggestions how I get this added to my order from earlier today?


send a mail to sales@carbide3d.com and ask


After a few e-mails sent to sales about the timeline for Sweepy 2.0 80mm, the responses made it seem distant and vague. I feel like I ordered the last Sweepy 1.0 80mm delivered 10/1/21 haha! You’re welcome, people. C’est la vie!


Email to sales and we will make it right.


Luke - I appreciate C3D and even like the Sweepy 1.0 80mm for the short time that I’ve had it. Having said that, I reached out to Sales and look forward to employing the 2.0. Thank you!


Is the Sweepy 2.0 80mm supposed to come with the hose adapters? I just noticed mine did not and interestingly enough the inner diameter of where you plug in the dust collection hose is actually smaller then that of the Sweepy 2.0 65mm version which came with my Shapeoko Pro so I could not just use the ones I already had on hand.

Yes it should come with 2 hose adapters and the dimension of the hose outlet are identical to the 65 and 69mm adapter.

It sounds like you have been sent a sweepy 80mm 1.0 not the 2.0. Post a photo to support@carbide3d.com and we can check it out.


I just checked and the ID is actually 2-1/4" and not the 2-1/2" like the v2.0 65mm I have, other then that they look identical. I’ll send the picture to support as you suggested.

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