Sweepy: 3d printed replacement bristles

Sharing this in case it helps anyone… From


My bristles were completely shot and I really wanted decent dust collection. I definitely didn’t want to buy an entire sweepy simply to replace the bristles (as far as I could tell, the only C3D option) and I didn’t want to wait 4 days (Saturday → Tuesday) for something from McMaster-Carr that might or might not work.

I removed the old bristles with a pair of plyers and a lot of pulling. I tried as best I could to scrape the glue residue out of the bristle slot and then I printed 2 copies of these bristles. They are long enough that you can clip one end to remove any bulging from the corners and then shove the pair into the slot clipping the other end to remove the excess but get full coverage.

I only had 1 cut with the new bristles (and a little experimenting) and it seems like these are doing a better job of dust collection than the stock bristles. No idea if that’s really true and if it will last…

I printed with TPU ( 95A Shore Hardness):

  • 0.6mm nozzle (the bristles are 1.3mm which is a single loop @ 0.65mm extrusion)
  • PrusaSlicer seam placed at the top left corner
  • Bumped up the # of perimeters to remove all infill

This provided a print with no long travels and a very clean print.


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