Sweepy accessories longer bristles

I see this post, but Will you indicated that you think these are the ones.

Can you provide the a best solution for longer bristles for the sweepy. The design is great but the initial bristles are too short.

Or when will carbide ad those to the shop??? There was an indication initially you guys would offer it and that been a while ago.


Please contact us at sales@carbide3d.com

I think part of the reason it does not come with longer bristles is because you do not want the bristles being able to make contact with the cutter and get wrapped around it.

Good point, I can see it now with the small diameter foot print that longer could do that. Just kind of disappointed that the sweep with the small bristles leaves so much of a gap between the bit and the surface. Love the design, I am still using it but have to vacuum up after each run. Wonder if Carbide run into this issue with longer bristles causing issues.

Which router / spindle do you have?

I have the dewalt, I do have another dust collector collar which is wider that fits my dewalt but I like the sweepy easy design on and off.

I asked because I’m designing a sweepy like dust shoe with a 100mm diameter at the router so the bristles can be 40mm long.

Need to actually test it and fix a few small things.

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Cool, here my original dust boot, I really like it because the bristles are really soft plus long. The only thing I didn’t like is pressing the button on the dewalt router. The left side of the boot in the plastic has a notch which partly covers the locking button the dewalt. Easy to get on and easy to get off with magnets.

One things I did notice, about the bristles. I now have a HDZ screw Z drives, but when I didn’t I had issues on other dust boots. The problem was that I seen a lot was the bristles if they where too stiff, it would make the Z jump sometime. Now that was with the BELT version of the Z on the Shapeoko. I kicked that dust boot out and told it to take a hike.

My 2 cents, make the bristles really soft, and make the access to the lock on the router easy to get too.

That’s why I made mine from vinyl. I can control how stiff it the sides are and get a good view of what’s happening.

I had to go up to 2mm thick vinyl on mine to stop the vinyl fingers getting sucked in by the vacuum, but you’ll have to suck it and see so-to-speak :wink:

So far they seem to be holding up. I used double layers of vinyl and made the flaps 3/4 of an inch wide. This coupled with my Meile vacuum which allows me to adjust the amount of suction seems to be doing the trick.

I did however have to strengthen the router clamp. If you look closely in my pictures the clamp broke where the nut is.

One thing I really like about this design is that the clamp can be rotated around the hose plate so you can have the vacuum hose on the right side and still have the clamping screw towards the front.

@CthulhuLabs Nice design! What kind of printer? Let’s fix that Z banding.

Highly modded Creality S10. I know I need to service it, but I got an S3 to mod so it has been a back burner thing. LOL

Exploded view of the current design.

About the only thing that might be annoying for some is the number of M3 screws needed. LOL

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