Sweepy Extractor Adaptation?

When purchasing my Suck It ears, I bought a sweepy since it was cheap and shipping was not (cheap). While I struggle to get the d&^* ears installed I am wondering what the best strategy is for hooking the tiny sweepy outlet to my extraction system. I am using the Rockler with 4" to the big guys and 2.5" to the Shapeoko (Suck it). Anybody wanna suggest an adapter to hook to my 2.5? Almost looks like will need a 90 to clear the router mount(?)

This adapter is supposed to work well:


Folks have used others.

I 3d printed my own. It seems to work so far.


Do you happen to have a link for the one Winston used in the Sweepy video?

I’ve been trying to get a listing of adapters known to work. Thus far I have:

  • Bosch VAC020 2-1/2-Inch Hose-to-35mm Port Adapter

(and of course, the hose for my Festool CT Midi fits perfectly as well)

You’ll have to ask @wmoy about that.

The one Will has been recommending works great and is about $5

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It was the one that came with the Rockler Flexiport Hose Kit.

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Thanks Winston. I have that kit. But it doesn’t have the small all-black adaptor you have that is directly in the Sweepy port. Not a huge deal, just hoping to find something similar.

Oh. My bad. I think that actually came from my Fein vacuum now that I’m looking at it again.

UPDATE: I’m an idiot. I had to do a little digging because honestly I forgot, but I think it was the adapter that came with this hose: https://amzn.to/2UYOU2j

It’s not my favorite as it’s still a bit stiff. I use it connected to my dust separator, but I use the Rockler Dust Right Flexiport as the “last mile” connection to the CNC.

Something to think about…

(Please use my experience as a poor example.)

Make sure you use the appropriate item # when looking on Amazon. I clicked the link Will posted and didn’t pay attention to the item # of the Bosch connector.

I clicked - I ordered - I received - - - The wrong one!

Will’s link goes to Bosch Item VAC020.

I clicked on an item that “Looked” the same…

Do not, I repeat DO NOT PURCHASE ITEM VAC004.

The description is correct-ish. But in reality, it has the same size hole as the Sweepy. Sad day in my shop, very sad.

Now a new quest, to find a coupler?

So to follow-up. The adapter sort of works–sits kinda crooked on my Dewalt (hits the mount) but it seals tight I think. The extraction performance is pretty underwhelming. Mine is hooked to a Rockler via a 2.5 to 4" easy connect and picks-up very little. Plastic was particularly bad because it seems to stick to the clear plastic via electrostatic charge.

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