Sweepy for spindle when?

Hey - been waiting to to purchase a C3D spindle and HDM for my Pro until a compatible Sweepy (longer neck) is available. Any expected release for this or not happening?

I know some folks have printed adaptors but would like to keep the whole assembly clear and stock. I’m too in love with my current setup to sacrifice when spending an additional $1200 to upgrade.


I’m under the clear understanding the stick out of the spindle should match that of router you now have. Why would the power head at that point make a difference on the sweepy?

Well, at the time of the release of the spindle, there were several posts like this one:

(Unless the design of the spindle has been changed in the past few months since it’s release…) The protruding bits of the business end of the spindle are considerably longer than the protruding bits of the router, allowing the sweepy to only grab the end of the body, and now allowing for much adjustability.

This clever fellow above printed an adaptor collet to make up the difference. But I was hoping the sweepy was going to be updated at some point.

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This is something we’re working on, and should have something to share in the coming weeks (hopefully days, but logistics these days is a crapshoot). Expect a Sweepy with a longer bottom portion to extend the reach of the bristles.


Soon? I’m making a mess with these long cutting tools. :upside_down_face:


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