New Spindle and dust collection


I just upgraded my Shapeoko router to the spindle. The physical geometry of the distal end of the spindle is different than the router which results in the Sweepy dust collector collar barely able to attach to the spindle. (The length between the end of the bit and the end of the spindle is greater than it was with the router). This leaves the brush above 1” from the surface of the workpiece.

My dust collection has a 4” hose stepped down to the 2.5” of the Sweepy. I have been thinking about changing the collection to have the 4” hose attach to the spindle. What are recommended attachments out there that allow 4” collection to the 65mm spindle?

I’m going to second this! I wondered yesterday if the spindle was maybe sticking up too far on the top (I don’t know what the opposite of distal is :sweat_smile: :woman_shrugging:), but I followed the directions in the video so that it was similar in length from the bottom to the router.

I also wondered if the top sticking out may create a fulcrum effect, like it’s sticking out too much and so the balance could be off? Is that even possible? The 65mm bolt is super tight on the spindle, so I’m not worried about slip, more about vibration, but I don’t know enough about engineering to know if that is a thing.

Meanwhile, the sweepy is only attached to the spindle by about 1/3", which seems like it may be a problem. And with the new things I learned recently about bits and stickout (not shoving them all the way in because that can cause vibration), the bristles are almost always too short for the bits. I also have a 2 1/2" to 4" system set up, which has worked well to this point, but now that the bristles are too short, it’s reducing the collection ability.

Sorry to piggy back too much off your question @Talus but I was literally just about to post this in a new thread and thought it would be better to get the same answers!

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I’m getting my spindle this weekend finally… and I’m super bummed to hear about this.

Nah don’t be bummed! The spindle is great, I’m really enjoying it so far! I look at these as just some questions to take things even further and refine the experience. I made a second attachment (with the extra one that they send you) with longer bristles, but the bristles are stiffer than I think are best. However, it’s easy to switch out when I need to, but I’d like something better. As I always say, I’m not the expert and I prefer relying on experts to make the stuff that I will buy so I can do the things I want to be expert at.

My main issues are maximizing the dust collection and making sure I have the spindle set up for its maximum potential. I use short bits and long bits and I would love a setup that can accommodate that to its best abilities.

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PS Greg, when you get it, post your impressions - let us know what you think and if you have ideas!

where are you getting your 4" hose? can’t find a good supplier for this around me.

I bought my 4" hose from Rockler a several years ago.

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I get most of my dust collection stuff from Rockler. They can be pricey but their quality is great. If you don’t have a Rockler near you, Amazon has good options.


I noticed the same thing about the mounting options for the Sweepy to the VFD Spindle.

To mitigate the issue, I mocked up an extension coupler in Fusion360 and am going to 3D print a prototype to see if it will help.

The top clamp attaches to the spindle and the bottom should slip into the Sweepy. Based on the initial measurements, it shouldn’t interfere with the airflow of the spindle or get in the way of any tool changes. :crossed_fingers:

I tried my best to smooth the interior to minimize disturbing the airflow.


Interested in your prototype . . . let us know how it turns out. My 3d printer is on the fritz with a major clogged hot end (FLSUN QQ). I have ordered the Ender 3 S1 Pro which won’t be here until mid-May.

will do; Im printing it on a Ender 3 S1 of all things.

I was thinking about making an extension/coupler just like this. Let us know how it goes, or share the file and I can help with testing it out as well.

Back again.

I ended up making two parts. The first one is a stabilizer for the 2.5” pickup tube.

Printed in PLA and requires 2 4mm screws and nuts.

The second is the extension coupler.

Printed in PETG and also requires 2 4mm screws and nuts.

I’m pretty happy with the coupler. The sweepy attaches firmly and the extension allows the brushes to create a nice seal against the work surface. The bottom most edge could come up ~2-3mm to fully clear the shaft collet slots, but there is no clearance issue for tool changes.

I’m going to rework the spacing between the 4mm screws so that you can use the quick release clamp from the sweepy and use the 4mm screws to clamp the sweepy to the extension. Would make it easier to remove the entire assembly as one unit.


Very nice design. Did you pick up that extension tube at a big box store? If you ever get the designed worked out, I will be happy to forward you $ for the STL files for printing.

Super cool! Could you swap screws/lever mechanism with the Sweepy such that the Sweepy and your design becomes 1 unit? And the quick-release mechanism is on your 3D printer part?

Various dust collection heights is perhaps something C3D overlooked in testing - would be great to get a clear injection molded part based off your design.

Thank you!

@Talus as soon as I make the adjustments and print the next iteration, I’ll post the files. I have no desire to make money off this, instead give back to this awesome community.

I bought the pvc pipe on amazon:

POWERTEC 70176V Clear PVC Dust Collection Pipe 2-1/2" x 36" Long, 1PK

@greg5 totally! That’s what I poorly phrased here…

After sleeping on it, I’m going to adjust the spacing and also print a quick release cam for the coupler as well, so the entire assembly is tool-less


I’m working on printing 1st iteration of my idea today. It will just slide on over the “nose” of the spindle and the Sweepy will just clamp it into position. I put a bunch of holes in it, so airflow should still be good.


Love it! When I first was thinking about the problem, I was also thinking about sliding something around the reduction in the spindle shaft, but thought that it would restrict the airflow. Clever mitigation on your design.

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Matt, you probably don’t need a clamp on the top ring, provided the pipe connection to the sweepy is solid. You might find it gets in the way.

I’ve been using this method for a while and found that it’s best if the top ring is a little bit loose. The connection to the boot is sturdy enough. Having it a little loose in the top ring makes height adjustments on the boot fast, and it’s plenty stable.


Nailed it on the first try! Designed in F360 and resin printed. I’ll add the stl to my Thingiverse account.