Sweepy - mounting it on a spindle

Is there any reason the Sweepy - v1 or v2 - can’t be mounted with the hose to the left, rather than the front, and the clamp to the front, please?

With my enclosure and me being left handed, I find it a little difficult to get my fingernails under the clamp lever :blush:


The only catch then would be the reduced X travel on the left side, which means the Sweepy/hose would collide with the left rail when e.g. using the NW, W, and SW quick positions with the default CM setup.
That’s a significant part of the work area becoming unusable, but if you do not care for that it is possible to adjust the GRBL parameters / work area dimensions to reduce it.


Hmm, I didn’t think that would be an issue :thinking:

I’ll check it.

Thanks @Julien

Another Newbie here. I have had mine mounted on the left since purchase. My elementary projects have not needed the full size of my table so that has not been an issue. What I have noticed is that it seems to interfere with my clamping because I tend to clamp my projects on the left and right.


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