Sweepy pro and bitsetter co-existing

I realize I’m the problem… but I keep forgetting to raise Sweepy after a tool change and it crashes into the side of Bitsetter for the check.

Two questions

  1. any mechanical solution to relocate bitsetter on 5 pro so the default top is within the sweepy brushes (lower) on a typical 3/4 material position?
  2. Is there a software edit I can do to customize an inclusion of a “raise sweepy” warning/step?

also, can I recover without making a new file and removing previous operations?

Anyone else having trouble remembering?

  1. If you do the gantry shift, then it should be possible to work up a sort of shelf to hold the BitZero (I briefly considered that), but this would be an unsupported modification.
  2. Not in Carbide Motion — we’ll put in adding reminder text to one of the existing prompts

I just make it a habit to raise the Sweepy Pro any time I’m not cutting, and to only lower it when the spindle is going to power up.

I just pop the bottom off when I do the tool change and leave it off until after the bitsetter operation.


I am definitely considering working something up to locate it similar to what I see as the location for a previous bitsetter (top below the spoil board). would make me sad if it was not supported as I wonder if the current location is not optimal.

Well just discovered the machine i have does not travel that far forward in order to relocate it in front. For now I shifted bitsetter as far forward as possible to at least avoid a collision if i fast-travel to that corner with a low sweepy.

That requires that one give up some cutting area at the back by shifting the gantry forward as discussed in the announcement:

Gantry Shift

Some users like the machining area to come off the front of the machine to make edge machining, to make tenons or dovetails for example, easier. We’ve added a gantry shift option to the Shapeoko 5 Pro that allows you to move the gantry forward by 3.2”. Users that want a little overhang can get it, while the majority of users get to keep the machining area directly over the table.

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Just to close this topic. I have shifted the gantry back and really like it. Never worry about forgetting Sweepy (relocated below spoilboard).

This is something I’ve run into as well. I absolutely understand it’s a me issue, but the only time I’ve crashed my machine is running my Sweepy Pro into the Bitsetter during tool changes.

I’d love an (optional!) popup dialog before the tool change saying “hey dummy, is your dust collection out of the way?”. Even better would be combining that with another (optional) popup window and automatic pause after a tool change and measuring with the Bitsetter that allows me to put the Sweepy Pro back in place, and then enables the VFD after the prompt has been clicked through.

Seems like it would be a more elegant solution than having to punch the feed hold button after every tool change.

If you really want to blow my mind give me the option to put a delay on a probe cycle as well. On my SO5 XXL running from the touchscreen to the NW corner of my stock to hold the BitZero resembles a frantic game of music chairs.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

I have the same input when using the Sweepy Pro to C3D. :slight_smile:

For the probing… get you a Rii mini keypad. I get the pointer on the screen button and then press the mouse button on the keypad when I’m ready to probe.

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there is a company I found a while back that sells a pneumatic piston that raises the dust cover. I don’t recall the name plus i’m on mobile

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